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We have been in the skin/beauty biz for about fifteen years. We really pride ourselves on our close relationships with our clients, who prefer quality products and services. We decided to pursue a solution for skincare using hemp extract a few years ago. It actually began from a close client who fell in love with our product and we grew exponentially. The word spread around Hollywood that we had a “secret hemp cream” and it became the talk of elite circles in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The results from formulating a full-spectrum, quality cream and our mastery of beauty and cosmetics gave birth to Muse Delights. Read below and discover the testimonies of how our hemp extract based skincare has dramatically healed our beloved clients and has changed their skin and lives.

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Jay Jackson / Laganja Estranja – Dancing With The Stars

I have literally tried every cream on the market – from drugstore to Sephora to Saks and Barney’s! Ninaface is my skin queen and when she started applying this cream to my face during her treatments I immediately saw a difference in my skin. I tend to be red and have inflammation because I use and remove so much makeup in my drag profession. I now only use Muse Delights face cream – it slays! …and ya know how I feel about hemp extract. Its a miracle!!

Muse Delights Hemp Cream


Lisa's Testimonial on hemp lotion

Lisa James

I love Muse Delights Mineral Cream! My skin was blotchy and red and now I wake up and question if I even need makeup. I no longer wear concealer or foundation, just a light powder. People ask me all the time what I’m using on my skin. Thank you! 

kevins testimonial on hemp salves

Kevin Van Leeuwen

I have worked in high fashion, designer retail in Beverly Hills for many years and therefore have been able to try every high-end face cream out there. I’m a huge believer in the benefits of full spectrum quality creams and have been waiting for a luxurious face cream like this one. It goes on like a dream and is not heavy or oily but also very moist and cooling. Everyone compliments my completion now and so I’m done trying anything else. Muse Delights face cream is my top choice

callinas testimonial on hemp cream

Callina Marie

Anyone who knows me, knows I am very particular about my skin and any products I use on it. I have been seeing Nina and love her treatments, so I of course happily tried her Muse Delights face cream… wow. I love it and won’t use any other cream on my face. I get tons of compliments on my skin. Thank you Muse Delights. LOVE.

Marcus testimonial on hemp cream

Marcus Watts

So I’ve had really bad acne prone skin my whole life. During adulthood, I became a model! I was under confident about my skin until I found this cream. I’d hearddabout how hemp extract can help inflammation and breakouts, so when Ninaface suggested I try it, I did and the results are amazing. I use it twice a day.

Brittany's Testimonial on hemp lotion

Brittany Hagerty

Muse Delight face cream is my favorite moisturizer period. I love the natural ingredients and their hemp extract based cream really calms all redness in my skin and it feels and looks plumper, softer and lifted. Love it!!!

Arielles Hemp cream testimonial

Arielle Caputo

So I’ve had bad skin and serious acne scars for years. I am in love with the results I’m getting with this Muse Delights cream! It keeps improving my skin. I’ve tried everything. Now I will not use any other cream. I am so pleased. Thank you so much.


Be weary of most of the hemp based creams you see on the shelves now adays. Most consist of  Isolate a highly inferior skin product.


Hemp extract is safe and effective for all skin types, but especially helpful to people who struggle with inflammatory skin conditions


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