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Angel Cisneros opened his Sublime Eyes salon nine years ago in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. He started with his obsession to give each client the perfect brow and make himself their go-to brow person.

After hundreds of happy clients over the years, he has since added an array of services to provide a go-to beauty spot for all face, brow and eyelash beauty enhancements and maintenance.

Nina Giovannitti met Angel six years ago and they felt a synergy between them that led to working together. Nina began performing age-defying electro-layering facial treatments at Sublime Eyes and her reputation started trending. The “Ninaface Glow” spread from Hollywood to all Los Angeles.

Angel and Nina bonded immediately over their passion for aesthetics and art and created an inviting salon atmosphere with a trustworthy reputation which defined captivating the essence of individual beauty by bringing out each client’s best look.

Between them, they’ve worked in the beauty industry in the iconic Hollywood landscape for over 20 years. Angel is adored by many as the “Brow Guru” and Nina is revered as the “Facial Fairy” of Hollywood.

Working on many Sublime Eyes salon projects and fundraising events, they became each other’s muse, both professionally and personally, and this playful moniker gave birth to MUSE DELIGHTS. Angel sculpted Nina the perfect brows and Nina decided to help Angel with a lifelong skin condition. She began adding full-spectrum hemp extract infusions to her facial treatments, and within a couple of treatments, Angel’s lifelong nagging eczema disappeared.

This inspired them to formulate a hemp-extract face cream to possibly help eradicate many skin issues as well as provide a daily face cream that is lovely, smoothing and hydrating for your skin. “It’s time we shared the products and ingredients we know work so well. Especially, adding this special full-spectrum hemp extract. We love it and our clients love the products too.” Angel and Nina take pride in their close bonds with all their clients who celebrate their brow and skin successes daily. Because of this, they’ve chosen to embark on a mission to heal the nation—and one day the globe—with their MUSE DELIGHTS skin care and beauty collection.

“You have one face; our products will give you amazing results.”

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Nina Giovanitti + Angel Cisneros